Friday, 18 December 2015

Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas

The thing I love most about Australia is our diversity.

I am certainly not an original Australian but I am the seventh generation. So my family settled here close to the beginning of European settlement.

I find it very sad that for whatever reason our world is going backwards when it comes to tolerance of other peoples differences.

It seems in recent times, in Australia, we are trying to become everything to everyone.

It started to creep in when councils decided not to put up Christmas decorations for fear of offending some-one and schools decided to stop singing Christmas carols for the same reason. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, I embrace other peoples beliefs (as long as they don't hurt anyone). It has never entered my head to be offended when in Buddhist countries to be offended by their customs, or in Utah where Mormons are a majority. I love listening to the call to prayers in Muslim countries, yet I am not a follower of any of these.

"I AM a follower of respecting everyone's right to have whatever beliefs they desire and to embrace their love of their culture. I actually think I am a pretty mainstream thinker with this attitude - yes, I tend to see the good in people as a whole."

So if most people embrace the cultural practices WHY does Australian people in high places and people-pleasers think it is a good idea to abandon or alter the time honoured practices of this nation??

There is a saying around the ridges:

If you try to please everyone ALL the time,
You end up pleasing NO-ONE

So lets get rid of the political guilt and just celebrate Christmas, Easter and any other Christian celebration we choose.

But more importantly, let us all begin TODAY to view each & every one of us as people first and lose the intolerance. IMAGINE what type of world we would have if everyone learnt' a little about all our differences. We would get to know to person & ally many of our fears & distrust. WHAT A GIFT!!!

Let me leave you with this message.

LET IT BEGIN WITH ME - do for others what you would like done to you.
What a wonderful world it would be!

iDareU - Dreams CAN become reality

Inspiring people with Disabilities through Awareness, Resources, Empowerment and Unity.

I had a dream to give people who have a child with a disability or have a disability

empowerment, dignity and inspiration.

For whatever reason, these are some of the things that are taken from us when we find ourselves in one or the other (or both ) of the above situations.

As a parent of one such person, I was (and still am) amazed by the way we are often disregarded and undervalued by the very people who are meant to be helping us.

I am not one to be put into a little box and told to conform. And this has been a blessing to our family. I have found if you can find the effort to dig past the initial resistance to get the services/opportunities you require, the organisations will bend to your needs.

I am a person with a lot of passion and energy. Because of this, I want to help those less able to be shown how to 'Step into their own Light' and become empowered.

So, after writing a book about raising Miss Chloe, I took it upon myself to setup a charity.

Today all the steep learning of creating a charity and with an amazingly talented board to support my dream it became a reality.

One day, people with disabilities and their loved ones will stand tall and not need to beg or apologise for wanting a good life...a life they deserve.

Please check out the BRAND NEW website and get onboard.

Being a part of the Community


Now the fact is, 30% of the population are NOT untrustworthy 
its just that we don't know who our neighbors are so we feel we can't trust them!!!!

I don't know if it is because I come from the Aussie bush where houses are few and far between and kangaroos are a plenty, but I am very much into creating my own village of support.

Growing up, we had to make an effort to have any type of social life. The nearest community hall was 20 kms away and the nearest town was 80 kms away, so when we socialised, we made sure it was worth it!

I also learn't that when there is not much choice with whom you can socialise with, you adaptd to what there is, and become more tolerant of others and their differences.

Being so isolated, we needed to lean on each other in times of crisis or illness or hardship.
This was very strong in times of droughts. We were all in the same predicament and we needed to really work with each other for the sake of keeping our community strong.

It is very easy at times of hardship, illness, tragedy or disability to isolate and get it in our heads that this is OUR lot in life and we can't burden anyone else. We just have to put our heads down and get on with what we have been dealt.

Now whilst I agree, we can only work with what we have been dealt, I have learn't there are 2 ways to achieve this: 1) the very hard way 2) the less hard way.

Yes, I am not going to say there is an easy way because many a time that is not really an option BUT we can do it much easier when we become a part of a community that looks out for us.

From when I first moved into our nearest town and then onto the very big smoke (Melbourne), I have always made the effort to not just introduce myself to ALL my neighbours, but to develop a relationship with them. I have very been in the same social circles, but have always stopped for a chat, given them Chrissy cards, invited them to get the picture.

I am so grateful this was the norm for me when I had Chloe. I was sooo overwhelmed with everything in those first months, I didn't have an ounce left to give to making new connections. It didn't matter because the connections were already in place and I was supported in my local environments.

We have moved twice since then and each time, I have made it a point to get to know ALL my neighbours, shop locally and involve ourselves in our local environment with our recreation.

This has produced the most amazing results for us. Chloe has become an entrenched part of this environment and they all just see Chloe NOT "Chloe - the disabled one".

AND I have received bucket loads of free support from people and businesses who care about us as people. I know this isn't just luck, as both moves have been into very different areas, with one of them living on a very busy main road.

It works, because  I make it work and although there is a bit of extra effort in the beginning, once everything is in place, the rewards are substantial!!!

iDareU will be having workshops starting in Feb in Melbourne to teach people how to create their own villages and maintain them. If you are interested in making your lives more enjoyable and getting the added benefit of free support, come along and learn how!!


Visit or phone our hotline on 0468854186
to find out how you can get onboard.